4 Top Wellness Resources for Oakland Educators

The Teaching Well recently had a great inquiry by a young teacher asking for recommendations in Oakland for teacher wellbeing. Here is what Kelly suggested...

Q. Are there any wellness resources or opportunities you would recommend Oakland teachers plug into? If so, what are your favorites? 

A. Four wellness resources that I would suggest Oakland teachers plug into: 

courtesy of the East Bay Times

courtesy of the East Bay Times

Explore classes and trainings at Namaste, Left Coast Yoga, and Niroga to add to your personal well-being tool kit. Build Healthy Community on your site by creating a hiking group, masters swim club, or an art-n-crafts night once a month. Healthy after school events can be just as bonding as the happy hour at the bar. Join the Oakland Running Festival with your staff and students. It is an easy, connected way to build community and increase your vitalityInvestigate who is your Staff Wellness Champion on site and join their Kaiser Permanente health challenge this spring. If you don't already have a program, here's a startup kit!

If you live in another city, we'd love to hear similar suggestions nationwide! Please post them to our Facebook page for everyone to share. And if you have more suggestions for the Bay Area, please also post them up!


Kelly Knoche