The Teaching Well

We shift educators from burnout to sustainability.


The Teaching Well is a Bay Area-based nonprofit founded by teachers, for teachers, that takes an organizational health approach to education and works to interrupt the chronic teacher turnover cycle.



We enter into multi-year partnerships with school communities, and provide a variety of teacher- and systems-level interventions, including:


Professional development around areas like stress resilience, managing vicarious trauma exposure, healthy communication, and financial wellness


Mindful mentoring sessions with teachers to turn these concepts into habits


School site research to provide school communities a landscape analysis around campus sustainability


Executive-level leadership coaching to help administrators build healthy school systems informed by teacher voice


We know that children learn most effectively in nurturing, supportive environments, which is why we invest in teachers' capacities to strengthen healthy dialogue, emotional regulation, and mindful stress resilience. Our work is the "whole adult" counterpart to the "whole-child" approach.


 Our Approach

The Teaching Well takes an organizational health approach to education by interrupting the chronic teacher turnover cycle at both the individual and systemic levels. We work in partnership with schools to more effectively leverage the brilliance of their educators, by providing tools for healthy dialogue, emotional regulation, and mindful stress resilience. Our work touches all educators on campuses we serve and is a catalyst to creating sustainable school systems.


In the last two years, The Teaching Well model has cut teacher turnover in half at our Bay Area school partners sites. Our work has kept 56 more teachers in the classroom, serving students and accelerating their academic and life outcomes.


Teacher Turnover is Costly

Moreover, according to turnover cost estimates by the Learning Policy Institute, retaining these teachers who otherwise would have left the classroom has saved our partner sites over $1 million collectively, which they have then been able to reinvest in students.



“I am so thankful for The Teaching Well’s partnership. After 12 years of teaching, I finally feel that I am supported and that I have the strategies that will allow me to not feel overworked, and instead feel accomplished and confident.”

— Marquel Coates, 12th year educator in Oakland, CA