Educator Wellness Workshops

Experiential small group and one-on-one programs bring mindfulness to Teachers—the key to thriving schools.

Each Professional Development program provides concrete tools to cultivate energy, connect to your colleagues, and support healthy choices through the workday to build a cohesive, sustainable work-life.

       These 5 programs are offered in a workshop setting of 6 hours or as individually from 90-150 minutes. They include:

  • Teacher Identity and Sustainable Resourcing
  • Stress Resilience and Interact Tools
  • Mindful Teaching Toolkit
  • Healthy Eating in the Classroom
  • Energy Giving Nutrition

Teacher Equilibrium: Be Happy and Avoid Burnout (K-12)

Take our Udemy course today. 

Create balance in your classroom. Learn to keep students on track, reduce your stress levels, and be a great teacher. Created by our founder Kelly Knoche and Lance Hunter Burbank. This course is designed for an educator’s schedule to fit neatly into your busy days. You can start employing the strategies you'll learn here right away.

The course includes 51 short lessons: each video is less than three minutes accessible on any computer or smartphone. Included are lesson plans that you can print out and have with you at all times as well as a reflection tool which gives you the necessary framework to continuously grow and improve.

Each section of this course is broken down into three segments:

  1. Individual: perform on your own in the privacy of your classroom or home
  2. Interactive: help you with interactions with students and coworkers
  3. Integrated: bring your students into the work that you're doing

Upon completion of this course and the implementation of these strategies, you will be able to:

  • Effectively communicate with students to end needless arguments and keep your classroom on track
  • Understand how students are feeling, so you can be more empathetic
  • Craft your own personal creed which will guide you through your toughest times
  • Create strategies that will help students keep themselves accountable and take the burden off of you