The Teaching Well believes that transformation of our public school system relies on the millions of adults who lead within it, and that when these adults are healthy, emotionally regulated, and empowered, all children will thrive.

The Problem: We are Losing Teachers

Teacher Burnout: the biggest problem in U.S. education goes largely unaddressed. Almost half of teachers leave in less than five years, resulting in epidemic shortages and expensive recruitment and constant training. This makes education reform like raising curriculum standards and more rigorous certifications for teaching ineffective. 


OUR SOLUTION: Create Cultures Where Educators Thrive

  • Teacher well-being is inextricably linked to student success, healthy school culture, and teacher retention. 

  • Our programs are research-based on mindfulness in schools, mirror neurons, and stress resilience capacity.

  • We cultivate healthy, resilient educators through experiential programs for educators, administrators, and districts that transform well-being, healthy communication, and outcomes. 

Step 1: Provide teachers with the skills and capacity to build positive school site relationships  among administrators, colleagues and students.

Step 2: Create an environment conducive to learning and facilitate time for teacher well-being and self-care

Step 3: Increase teacher retention and save schools money on training new staff, reestablishing relationships and resources in the community, and rebuilding instructional expertise and staff camaraderie.

“The most important factor of a teachers staying (or leaving) is their school’s coherence—organizational leadership, material and social support, trust in colleagues, and a shared commitment to success.”
— Stated conclusion of 2016 study by Bruce Fuller (UC Berkeley), Anisah Waite (U. Virginia), and David Torres Irribarra (Pontificia U. Catolica de Chile)