The Teaching Well empowers school systems to more effectively support, retain and leverage the brilliance of their educators. In partnership, we heal adult culture by providing tools for healthy dialogue, emotional regulation and mindful stress resilience.


Nationally, half of our teachers leave the classroom within the first five years, and in high-need communities like East Oakland, teacher five-year attrition is a staggering 70%. Teacher burnout comes at a huge cost to student learning and relationships with communities that are often most in need of stability. Teacher churn also has a massive financial impact on an already strapped system: according to a 2014 study by the Alliance for Excellent Education, nationally, we spend $2.2 billion replacing teachers each year. Increasing teacher retention by just 2% would create an additional $44 million to spend on students.

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The Teaching Well takes an organizational health approach to education by interrupting the chronic teacher turnover cycle at both the individual and systemic levels. We work in partnership with schools to more effectively leverage the brilliance of their educators, by providing tools for healthy dialogue, emotional regulation, and mindful stress resilience. Our work touches all educators on campuses we serve, with particular focus on highly effective teachers and teachers of color, and is a catalyst to creating sustainable school systems.

We believe that transformation of our public school system relies on the millions of adults who lead within it, and that when these adults are healthy, emotionally regulated, and empowered, all children can thrive.


“The most important factor of a teachers staying (or leaving) is their school’s coherence—organizational leadership, material and social support, trust in colleagues, and a shared commitment to success.”
— Bruce Fuller (UC Berkeley), Anisah Waite (U. Virginia), and David Torres Irribarra (Pontificia U. Catolica de Chile)