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"As Kelly Knoche — who came close to burnout after her third year in the classroom—tells Uproxx Reports, 'I felt like I was short with my students. I knew if I had to do this another year that I wasn’t going to be able to make it for the long run.'”

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"I believe at my core that when we  honor the expertise and wisdom of teachers and use their voices and experiences to inform policy, they will not only re-engage with the school sites where they work, but they will also see themselves as empowered individuals who have something to say about education."


"As an educator for 6 years in middle schools throughout Oakland, I know the joy of being a public school teacher: The constant barrage of hugs, watching students learn how to time jokes, seeing them grow as learners and thinkers.

But I left."

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"Teacher turnover isn’t just a problem in California. Nationwide, more than 46 percent of teachers leave the classroom within five years. This costs our school districts nationwide over $2.2 billion every year. But this isn’t just a money problem..."

"Imagine a world in which the humanity of both students and adults on school campuses are honored as an integral part of the education experience. Adults are well-equipped with stress resilience tools, able to honestly communicate their boundaries, and are well-fed and well-rested. When triggered by stressful situations at school, they know how to pause, breathe, step out of their reactive brains and into appropriate conscious responses."