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We are committed to creating school cultures where educators thrive.

School leaders and teaching teams who work with us experience radical increases in teacher and administrator well-being, retention, and impact. Together, we re-envision what it looks like to serve students and teachers' ability to care for themselves.

Our work is paradigm shifting. It takes educators on the edges of burnout and brings them back to wellness. We're here to support teachers and administrators who love their jobs but find themselves stressed out, exhausted, and overburdened—the ones who become statistics in a national 46% burnout rate—so that they can work sustainably at their school sites for years to come.

Every school team we work with receives the tools they need to stay together as a team for five years or more. All of our facilitators and mentors are former teachers, and we LOVE what we do. 

We offer school packages that range from whole-staff professional development and analytic-based systems solutions to individual mentoring, multiple workshops, yoga classes, and wellness research. 


Our seven PD experiences bring mindfulness to group facilitation. By the end of each program, your team has concrete tools to inform choices, cultivate energy, and connect to their colleagues throughout the workday. We help build cohesive, sustainable teams for the long run. Offered in a workshop setting of 6 hours or as individual PDs that range from 90-120 minutes, these include:

  • Strengths DevelopmentFind your teacher balance as you reflect on your internal strengths in the classroom and how to communicate and use the strengths of your colleagues.  Learn to read your unique teacher archetype and tools to help bring you to center in the classroom.
  • Stress Resilience: We all know stress, especially teachers.  Learn more about the biology of stress through the lens of teaching.  Through a somatic based process learn your own stressors, how you carry stress, and how you can positively support yourself and your colleagues in coming back from the edge.
  • Healthy Communication: Discover ways to honestly and clearly communicate your needs to your colleagues, as well as students and families. As educators, our desire to be strong community members means that we don't always authentically communicate our capacities, desires and confusions. Through experiential exercises, explore and improve your communication.
  • Managing Transferred Trauma: With chronic trauma rates rising in our public schools, teachers are dealing with higher daily stress. Successfully teaching academic content while managing student emotion is challenging. Learn about transferred trauma, its context in schools, and how to access mindfulness and communication tools to support yourself and/or students.
  • Mindful Teaching Toolkit: Come and learn how to make mindfulness authentic to yourself as a teacher.  Here you will leave with a mindful toolkit that you can use to bring yourself to balance in the classroom.
  • Nutrition I: Healthy Eating in the Classroom: Learn how to make good, better and best decisions when it comes to eating at school.  Learn tips on how to plan your nutrition throughout the week from our licensed nutritionist who has been a classroom teacher herself.  
  • Nutrition II: Energy Giving Nutrition: Ever feel the energy drain during the school day?  In this workshop, learn how to understand your body and what foods you need to fuel you at different times in the day. 
“Thank you for coming to speak with our staff today.  First of all, congratulations on your program, The Teaching Well!  I was extremely impressed with the lay out of your presentation, your word choice was on point and the exercises you took us through were extremely helpful.”
— Tonia Coleman, Assistant Principal, Claremont Middle School


One-on-one Mindful Mentoring sessions for Teachers and Administrators allows wellness to be fully integrated into your school culture. Non-evaluative sessions are uniquely catered to each educator’s learning style and experience level. All mentors are former educators who have training as social workers, yoga teachers, or therapists. Depending on need, sessions often focus on the individual’s communication, time management, self-awareness, and bringing mindfulness into the classroom. Meeting individuals where they are, Mindful Mentoring is beneficial to both veteran and new teachers and administrators.

Mindful Mentoring is strictly opt-in and never mandatory. Sessions run for 30 minutes, twice per month, and are often scheduled during teacher prep periods. In elementary school settings, they can be scheduled in the morning before school and during the school day when classroom coverage is provided. 


At The Teaching Well, we know that we are living in times of great change, and our educational system is at the forefront. More than anything, schools need healthy, embodied leaders to guide them. This year, we are proud to offer a mentoring program specifically designed to support administrators in reflecting on their roles as leaders, making their well-being and sustainability a priority, and engaging in challenging conversations with colleagues and stakeholders. Our pilot program runs July 2017- July 2018 and includes both on-site visits and regular virtual coaching via Zoom.


We have found that wellness programs most effectively support teachers and school communities when there is strategic inquiry alongside program implementation. As part of a coherent initiative, Wellness Assessment and Leadership Support Services are designed to support a school site, Board of Directors or District Leadership in implementing teacher wellness programs. This includes qualitative and quantitative needs assessment, strategic implementation and follow-up qualitative and quantitative assessments.


Group Yoga Classes are a great way to cultivate mindfulness in your community. These classes can be opened to family and community members and scheduled at the convenience of your school site. Our group yoga classes can be designed for beginners through advanced practitioners and can be focused in Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa and other traditions. Our group yoga classes can be offered to teachers, students, administrators, and all community members.

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