Educator Wellness Workshops

Teachers are the key and self-care is the way to thriving teachers and thriving schools.

Our experiential small group and one-on-one programs bring mindfulness to you.

By the end of each workshop or Professional Development program, you will be given concrete tools to shape your choices through the workday, cultivate energy, and connect to your colleagues. Our programs helps you build a cohesive, sustainable work-life. These 5 programs are offered in a workshop setting of 6 hours or as individually from 90-150 minutes.

They include:

  • Teacher Identity and Sustainable ResourcingFind your teacher balance as you reflect on your internal strengths in the classroom and how to communicate and use the strengths of your colleagues.  Learn to read your unique teacher body cues and tools to help bring you to center in the classroom.
  • Stress Resilience and Interact Tools: We all know stress, especially teachers.  Learn more about the biology of stress through the lens of teaching.  Through a somatic based process learn your own stressors, how you carry stress, and how you can positively support your colleagues through non-violent communication.  
  • Mindful Teaching Toolkit: Come and learn how to make mindfulness authentic to yourself as a teacher.  Here you will leave with a mindful toolkit that you can use to bring yourself to balance in the classroom.
  • Healthy Eating in the Classroom: Learn how to make good, better and best decisions when it comes to eating at school.  Learn tips on how to plan your nutrition throughout the week from our licensed nutritionist who has been a classroom teacher herself.  
  • Energy Giving Nutrition: Ever feel the energy drain during the school day?  In this workshop, learn how to understand your body and what foods you need to fuel you at different times in the day. 


Thanks to the incredible generosity of our donors and sponsors, we are able to offer a limited number of Weekend Wellness Workshops for local educators at a very low cost. It's our way of saying thank you for the unending service you give to your students and the communities you serve. Book a workshop with us or join us locally and tap the well within so you can be your best for yourself and your students.