Thank you to all our teachers and administrators for the love and appreciation. Making a difference in your lives is our reason for being. 

(The Teaching Well) exceeded my expectations. The educational content and opportunities for group and personal interaction was fantastic.
— Scott, Administrator, East Oakland
Absolutely brilliant PD! Really filled up my self care bucket and gave me plenty of ideas for how to continue taking care of myself, so I continue being an educator.
— Janelle, Teacher, East Oakland
I really appreciated how the facilitators were able to discuss when/how to use the tools throughout the day in an actual classroom. It is also very helpful that both facilitators are/have been educators!
— Erica, Teacher, West Oakland
Mindful Mentoring offered me a center; a foundation, a balance in my hectic life. Before discovering the Teaching Well and the wonderful people behind it; I was a gigantic ball of stress all the time.

My sessions have provided me with an insight into finding avenues that can channel positive vibes, and energy into my daily life.

This literally saved my life and has helped a person that lives with a learning disability and terrible anxiety; another way to focus all the good in my life and see beyond all that negativity that used to push me down.

I am grateful for Kelly’s thoughtful presence, nurturing spirit and most of all for being a true friend throughout this entire school year. I hope to continue my journey with the Teaching Well; because they’ve become my armor against negativity and a blessing in my life.
— -Jonny, Teacher, Oakland
Today during 6 period my students were not participating in a positive manner. I almost lost my temper. But instead of yelling or writing referrals, I stepped into the hall and used the ‘hand holds’ tool and got myself back from the edge. I came back in and was able to bring the class together. Yippeee.
— Jamaal, Teacher, Oakland
During stressful situations I’m able to use the breathing techniques I’ve learned through you to stay calm and give my best self to my students. I have also begun guiding students through mindfulness meditations to begin our day. We practice noticing how our body feels and attempt to leave our stress behind as we learn.
— Angela Badami, OEA Executive Board, Special Ed 6-8 Grade
I have used the orienting in your body exercise a couple of times this week and it has really helped me to start my day on a positive note. I noticed that after doing the exercise things that came up during the day rolled off my back much easier.
— Taylor, Teacher, Bay Area
(This workshop showed me) the importance of knowing my own body, feelings, and strengths which will enable me to make decisions that can serve to “fill my well”. When I am operating from a place of fullness I can be a better teacher and colleague for my school community.
— Soledad, Grade-Level Lead, Los Angeles
Getting in touch with yourself and honoring your self and what you do (teaching) was soothing yet energizing. I really appreciate the opportunity you afforded me to be aware of myself in this profound manner. Thank you.
— Bonner, Teacher Leader, San Francisco
I have felt for a while now that I have needed to quit. I feel frustrated and tired and overworked and I always just push through it. Listening to this talk made me feel normal. It gave me some much needed light, validation. Maybe I can stay in education and I can do it at the capacity and cadence that I feel most able. I feel that I have the best intentions and half way through the year, I’m only just able to keep my head above water. Today, I learned WHY that is. I feel empowered.
— Martha, Veteran Teacher, Los Angeles