The Teaching Well works in partnership with schools to more effectively support, retain, and leverage the brilliance of their educators. Together, we heal adult culture and create thriving school ecosystems by providing tools for healthy dialogue, emotional regulation, and mindful stress resilience.

We believe that transformation of our public school system relies on the millions of adults who lead within it, and that when these adults are healthy, emotionally regulated, and empowered, all children will thrive.

Our programming model consists of a three-year suite of professional development, alongside regular 1:1 mentoring for administrators and teachers focused on well-being and sustainability. In addition, we offer data-driven feedback on teacher retention and strategic consulting on systemic transformation.


(The Teaching Well reminded me that) when we recognize our own strengths and honor those in others, we can create a network/community of educators who can help one another rather than depleting our own resources struggling to succeed on our own.
— Kimberly, 17-year teacher, Los Angeles
(The Teaching Well) was inspiring. The facilitators come from a background of teaching and they have a great deal of experience, understanding, respect, and compassion for the work. I really admire the use of mindfulness and meditation. I enjoyed learning about my way of teaching that comes naturally to me. The encouragement of great understanding of myself helps my energy to flow more evenly and more sustainably. Thank you!
— Samantha, Teacher, San Francisco
(The Teaching Well) truly lives up to their name!  They are a gift to the world of educators and all the students we touch. This workshop deepened my understanding of how stress impacts my classroom and gave me practical tools I practiced in the workshop and can now take into my classroom...This workshop made me a more kind, thoughtful, and caring educator because it gave me the permission and skills to be kind, thoughtful, and caring to myself.  Happy teachers make happy students, and (The Teaching Well) helps make teachers happy!
— Kelley S., 8-year teacher, Oakland


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